The Current State of Historic Preservation in Haiti & Possible Ways Forward

Shayla Dick & Vaughn Lewis

The 2019 fellowship awards was won by Shayla Dick and  Vaughn Lewis. In close collaboration with John McAslan (JMP), Gary Sam Hattem (The Vivianne Foundation), Liam O’Hanlon (Structural Engineer RESNY, Zach Walton Rice (Conservation Architect) and Ginette Baussan (MArch) they learned about the important role Madame Gauthier’s house plays in drawing attention to Haiti’s architectural heritage. A document was created to serve The Vivianne Gauthier Foundation in its mission towards restoring the home of Madame Gauthier for the continuation of Madame Gauthier’s dream of turning her home into a conservation, preservation and cultural education center of Haiti’s rich history.The potential of the Maison Gauthier as a successful restoration has the ability to ignite urban and economic development, not only in the Gingerbread district, but on a broader scale in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. They came to understand the extreme importance in preserving these structures and instrumentalizing them for cultural activities.