Waterloo Station

Sydney, Australia. 2023


This is Gadigal Land. It is a place with a deep history and a brilliant future. A place of warehouses and terraces houses, of big business and micro enterprise. Of workers, of students, of creatives, of rabble-rousers, and of local heroes. It has a restless spirit.

The station has been inspired, informed and challenged by this complex place and our design ideas seek to encompass the many social, historic, cultural and natural dimensions of Waterloo, a land of complex over lapping ecologies, of thousands of years of occupation, and of continual change.

Waterloo is a place for locals with an established, engaged, active community. There is a network of community spaces and services throughout the neighbourhood – for young and old, for vulnerable communities, for creatives and entrepreneurs, for all.

We envisage Waterloo Station as a hub within that community, connecting it far and wide.


“This project will transform Waterloo and improve community spaces for generations to come. Our integrated team has worked together across development, investment, design and complex transport infrastructure  to create an urban renewal project that will make commuting easier, create jobs, and improve community facilities. I could not be more proud.”
Joe Barr, CEO, John Holland