15 November 2019

JMP’s urban design vision for Sloane Street is showcased in New London Architecture’s latest research publication, Future Streets. The 10ha scheme for Cadogan Estates will deliver a palette of pedestrian-friendly public realm and landscape improvements along the 1km length of the famous London shopping street, calming traffic flows and creating an elegant tree-lined boulevard.

The NLA research report investigates how the way people move in cities is changing, and how the street of the future might evolve in response. Looking at past, present and future exemplars and analysing the current landscape of innovation in mobility technologies, transport policies and urban planning approaches, the research presents scenarios for future streets, asking what kind of city we want to inhabit and what role technology should play in realising those visions.

An associated exhibition runs at the Building Centre, London WC1 until 31 January 2020. Info here