The Waterloo station area turns blue as the waterproofing membrane is installed.
3 February 2021

Despite the ongoing global pandemic, Waterloo Station, one of the new stations being delivered as part of the Sydney Metro City & Southwest, made great progress in 2020. Our client John Holland Group took site possession five months early, making significant progress on the commencement of enabling and permanent construction work. Ahead of schedule, all tension piles have been completed within the station box, along with much of the horizontal and vertical waterproofing. In overall terms, the project is now about 30 per cent complete. Sydney Metro City & Southwest will open in 2024.

Steel reinforcement was installed before 1.4 metre thick slabs of concrete were poured in 18 x 23 metre sections to gradually form the floor of the station structure.
A worker drills bolts to secure the waterproofing to the top of one of the 99 piles installed in three rows down the entire 200-metre long station floor.